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How Did a Latvian theLotter Player Win €578K in the SuperEnalotto Online?

One savvy systematic theLotter VIP player from Latvia has cashed some major prizes in three separate lotteries, winning nearly €600K. We have all the details!

Man Plays Lotteries Online from Latvia and He Keeps Winning Non-Stop

Man from Latvia wins lottery prizes online through theLotter

A.K., theLotter’s star Diamond VIP member from Latvia enjoyed a phenomenal 2013, chocked-full of big lottery wins from draws held all over the world. A.K.’s biggest win came at the beginning of the year, with a massive €578,000 (approximately US$ 778,000) win in the January 26th SuperStar draw! A.K.’s next win was a hearty $10,000 pay-day by playing Canada Lotto 649’s draw on April 6th, and just a few weeks later he took home a $2,318 La Primitiva prize in the April 25th draw. Before the end of that same month he scooped up yet another prize - €4,926 in France Lotto. This marked the first time that a theLotter player managed to get three big wins in a single month!

The Best Strategy for Winning Online Lottery Prizes – a Latvian Formula for Success

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So what is the secret to the Latvian lottery champion’s success? The answer lies in his use of systematic forms, which have yielded him great results; he has won hundreds of thousands of euros in online lotteries. Since 2009, A.K. has been playing it global online with theLotter from his native Latvia and, up until his SuperEnalotto Superstar win he collected a total of 1,248 wins on the site – a number which is rising fast!

The stellar combination of winning numbers, thanks to the systematic form A.K. used, gave a sensational €578,079.25 (over $777,000) in total prizes when the lucky numbers were pulled in the SuperEnalotto!

What a SuperStar! Online Lotto Winner Opted for SuperEnalotto’s Beautiful Twin – the SuperEnalotto SuperStar

A.K. actually played the Italian SuperStar, but what exactly is the difference between the SuperStar and the SuperEnalotto? In short: not an awful lot. The two are merely different sides of the same coin. A coin worth millions, that is.

The Italy SuperStar builds on SuperEnalotto’s prize structure by adding an extra eight prize categories giving a total of 13 ways to win. The SuperStar, a powerful additional number, adds €2 million onto the SuperEnalotto jackpot prize, €1 million onto the second prize, and multiplies the third, fourth and fifth SuperEnalotto prize categories by between 25 and 100 times. Had A.K.'s SuperStar selection of the number 11 come up, the combined prize winning powers inherent in both the SuperStar and a systematic form of nine numbers would have further increased the pay-out, making A.K. a lotto multi-millionaire.

How Does a System Form for a Lottery Work – a Latvian Case Study

Here is a breakdown of how A.K.'s super systematic form (also known in some countries as a “system form”) produced such a big prize haul in the Italian SuperStar lotto:

  • One match 5 + 1 line for the SuperStar 4th Prize, worth €479,123.39

  • Three match 5 lines for the SuperStar 6th Prize, worth €29,945.22 each, €89,835.66 total

  • Thirty match 4 lines for the SuperStar 8th Prize, worth €284.34 each, €8530.20 total

  • Forty match 3 lines for the SuperStar 10th Prize, worth €14.75 each, €590 total

  • 74 winning lines gave a combined total of €578,079.25 in prizes in the 2013/12 SuperStar draw

As one of the world’s top ranking lotteries on theBig list featuring the world’s biggest jackpots, Italy SuperStar can be found shoulder-to-shoulder with the well-known SuperEnalotto. To learn more about Italy's SuperStar lotto, visit our Italian lottery information page.