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Purchase EuroJackpot Lottery online tickets and play for your share of one of this Euro lottery’s 12 prize divisions! Like other multi-national lotteries, EuroJackpot pumps up the excitement by drawing its strength from not one, but seventeen participating countries. 
Guess Range 5/50 + PB 2/10
Hosted in Croatia (Hrvatska), Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Europe
Schedule Fri 21:00
Jackpot Type CASH
Tax Requirement Tickets for this lottery are purchased in Spain. Lottery prizes are subject to taxation at source. There are two tax bands. Tax Band 1: Tax-free up to €2,500. Tax Band 2: Any portion of the prize exceeding €2,500 is subject to a tax rate of 20%. Citizens of other countries are entitled to claim full tax refunds – read our detailed lottery taxes information. Check the tax laws in your country of residence for any further local taxation you may be subject to.

Chances to win Europe - EuroJackpot

Divisions Match Winning Odds
1 Prize 5+2PB 1:95,344,200
2 Prize 5+PB 1:5,959,012
3 Prize 5 1:3,405,150
4 Prize 4+2PB 1:423,752
5 Prize 4+PB 1:26,485
6 Prize 4 1:15,134
7 Prize 3+2PB 1:9,631
8 Prize 3+PB 1:602
9 Prize 3 1:344
10 Prize 2+2PB 1:672
11 Prize 2+PB 1:42
12 Prize 1+2PB 1:128

Europe - EuroJackpot Information

Europe’s sensational EuroJackpot lotto is supported by lottery organisations in seventeen different European countries. The lottery boasts attractive winning odds as well as an impressive 12 prize categories!

History of the EuroJackpot Lotto

The EuroJackpot was created in November 2011, when several European national lottery officials met in Amsterdam at a summit regarding the creation of a new European lottery. The lotto representatives agreed on a play format similar to the well-known EuroMillions lottery, and decided to hold a draw every Friday in Helsinki, Finland. After months of negotiations and preparations, the inaugural EuroJackpot draw took place on 23rd March 2012. EuroJackpot awarded a record-breaking prize of €61.2 million, over half its jackpot cap, in September 2014 in an unforgettable Euro lottery draw. In May 2015 EuroJackpot broke all its own records and caused a huge buying frenzy when it kept rolling over to reach the self-imposed cap. In the end EuroJackpot awarded a top prize worth €90 million to a player from the Czech Republic, one of the latest countries to join the fold.

Since that time, the lottery's top €90 million prize has been awarded twice. In October 2016, a single player from Germany won the entire jackpot. In January 2017, the maximum €90 million prize was split between five winning tickets - each received a prize of €18 million.

EuroJackpot Lottery Rules

To enter to win the EuroJackpot exciting first place prize, players select five numbers from a guess range of 1-50 as well as two additional numbers from a separate guess range of 1-10. The additional numbers allow lottery players to win supplementary prizes, and are essential to complete the jackpot winning number selection. Euro lottery EuroJackpot players can choose to enter the lottery with standard entries, systematic forms, multi-draws and subscriptions.

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Winning the EuroJackpot Lottery

There are 12 prize categories, and to win the EuroJackpot lottery’s first prize, players must correctly guess 5 regular numbers and both additional numbers.

The EuroJackpot’s main prize starts at €10 million and keeps rolling over until hitting its jackpot cap of €90 million. Twelve prize divisions and favourable winning odds allow EuroJackpot to compete with the world's biggest lotteries.

The odds for winning a Euro lottery EuroJackpot prize start at an impressive 1:42, and the chances of winning the jackpot are reasonable compared to similar lotteries.

EuroJackpot Lottery Anecdotes

And Now There Are 17 - Back in February 2013, the existing EuroJackpot countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain), welcomed six newcomers. Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden joined the young European lotto to make a total of fourteen participating countries. And in October 2014 an extra two new countries - Czech Republic and Hungary - were added! Finally, in October 2015, Slovakia joined the list, giving this exciting lottery a total of 17 participating countries. More countries mean bigger prize pools for EuroJackpot players! 

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Learn About EuroJackpot Lottery Draws

EuroJackpot is an exciting pan-European lottery, with seventeen countries participating in the weekly draws on Fridays. Choose five main numbers (1-50) and two additional numbers (1-10) to get a chance to win a jackpot that can reach as high as €90 million! When the jackpot cap is reached, the excess prize money passes down to winning tickets in the next highest prize division, giving even greater odds of winning a huge lottery prize. EuroJackpot has created millionaires across the continent so this is one lottery you won't want to miss. Check EuroJackpot lottery results to see if you are a winner!